Fresh/ Frozen Beef

Fresh/ Frozen Beef

We sell a wide range of Halal and fresh/ frozen meat including lamb meat, pultry, all kind of fish meat (cooked and un cooked) Chicken, turkey, beef, mutton, sheep, boiler chicken and much more from different body parts of animals

We make sure to provide best quality and for that we ensure that the meat remains fresh and in best quality. We follow Islamic rules while slaughtering the animals and do it the proper way. supply a wide range of quality products at an affordable price. Buy Fresh/ Frozen Beef in the same great quality, freshness and choice you'd find in the store.

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Cow Leg each

Cow Leg eachFresh and full of nutrition cow legs. Mostly used to make stock in Asian countries. Help..


Fresh Beef Cubes Boneless 1kg

Fresh Beef Cubes Boneless 1kg100% HalalFresh and naturalMeat is an excellent source of various ..


fresh Beef Mince Best 1kg

fresh Beef Mince Best 1kg100% halal and naturalFull of nutritionFast deliveryMake delicious Shami ka..


fresh Beef stakes 1kg

fresh Beef stakes 1kg100% HalalFresh and naturalMeat is an excellent source of various vitamins..


frozen Ox Feet

frozen Ox Feet100% fresh and natural without preservativesFrozen Halal Ox feetFull of nutritionShop ..


frozen Oxtail 1kg

frozen Oxtail 1kgOxtail is one of the most underestimated culinarian products. Not only it's gr..


Honeycomb Tripe 1kg

Honeycomb Tripe 1kgBeef tripe is made from the muscle wall (the interior mucosal lining is..


Ox Tongue 1kg

Ox Tongue 1kgFrozen Ox tongueYou can make BBQ of Ox tongue or you can bake it. Delicious both ways.A..