Fresh Halal Lamb

Fresh Halal Lamb

Find Fresh Halal Lamb meat from leg, shoulder and other parts of animal body online at best price. Order Lamb pieces from noshahi meat store and get it delivered at your doorstep.

We make sure to provide best quality and for that we ensure the meat remains fresh and in best quality. We follow Islamic rules while slaughtering the animals and do it the proper way. supply a wide range of quality products at an affordable price. Buy Meat And fish online in the same great quality, freshness and choice you'd find in the store.

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Lamb Brain Maghaz box

DescriptionHigh in Fat. Braised lamb brains contain 8.6 grams of total fat and 2.2 grams o..

Ex Tax: £3.99

Lamb Chops No Fat 1kg


£8.79 £7.69
Ex Tax: £7.69

Lamb Feet each

DescriptionLamb's feet are used mainly to add substance to soups and stews.100% HALAL AND FRESHWE SE..

Ex Tax: £0.60

Lamb Large Whole 16 kg Approx Gross

DescriptionLamb Large Whole  16 kg Approx Grossapprox 13- 15Kg after trimming and cuting100% ha..

Ex Tax: £139.00

Lamb Leg Cut Boneless 1kg

DescriptionThe BRT or boneless leg is the most versatile cuts of lamb ..

Ex Tax: £13.99

Lamb Leg Cut with Bone 1kg

DescriptionWhat can you make from lamb leg with bone? A stock for sure! But be prepared for a v..

£9.49 £8.99
Ex Tax: £8.99

Lamb Leg SteaksSlices 1kg

Description100% HALAL AND FRESHWe serve the best.Ritch on protein and vitaminsBest when bakedNet wei..

Ex Tax: £13.99

Lamb Leg Whole no fat

Descriptionlamb leg whole, trimmed of all the fat, ready for marinating and roasting in the oven.No ..

Ex Tax: £20.90

Lamb Liver Cut cubes 1kg

DescriptionLamb's liver needs just a very brief cooking to be tender, and with a savory side di..

Ex Tax: £3.49

Lamb Loin (Back) Chops 1kg

DescriptionLamb Loin, back chops, or pooth, great in curries or karahi.100% halal and freshFull of n..

£7.99 £6.99
Ex Tax: £6.99

Lamb Mince Lean (Lamb Leg Shoulder) 1kg

DescriptionPure and wholesome - lean mince meat from the leg and shoulder parts of the lamb.100% fre..

Ex Tax: £13.99

Lamb Mix Meat 1kg

Description100% halal and freshFull of nutritionLamb Mix Meat 1kgmix leg, shoulder, back chop, neck,..

£9.99 £8.99
Ex Tax: £8.99

Lamb Neck 1kg

DescriptionLamb neck is a fabulously underrated and inexpensive cut of lamb. It is a tough cut that ..

Ex Tax: £7.99

Lamb Plucks 1kg diced

DescriptionLamb's pluck is the lungs, liver, and heart of a lamb. All still connected by t..

Ex Tax: £3.99

Lamb Ribs x2

DescriptionMarinate it in some BBQ paste, then slap it on the barbie on slow heat, let the fat drip-..

£14.50 £6.99
Ex Tax: £6.99