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About Noshahi.com

Our mission statement:

Noshahi.com is traded Buy NOSHAHI ltd registered company house Number: 11096917 its independent company trading from 118 desbrough road HP112 PU it not part of NOSHAHI food Store It only Trade from Noshahi Food Store.  when ever term Noshahi.com or Noshahi is use it from Noshahi ltd

“To provide top-quality, naturally reared, ‘organic’ and ethically sourced halal meat through a business model that supports localisation and contributes to charitable causes through a fixed percentage donation from profits.”
Noshahi.com is High Wycombe leading online store for Halal Meat & food store. We take pride in taking orders for halal meat & grocery over the phone or online from our loyal customers. We at Noshahi not only provide simply halal meat, but our meat is also 100% Zabah (halal), hygienic and FSA inspected. That is why our company has managed to provide halal meat to more than 1000 households and Restaurants in the last 7 years. Our number one priority is to supply our customers, with the most hygienic and clean HMC/HFA inspected Halal meat products. Specifically we offer families a customized menu of a wide variety of premium, all natural halal meats, poultry, vegetables  and other grocery and specialty foods.

Freshness & Flavor Guarantee

At Noshahi, we only use everyday freshly delivered meat for our customers. All meat orders are prepared by our professtional butchers. You and your family never have to worry again about driving to local halal meat stores and wait in lines for your meat orders
We at Noshahi understand many customers go to meat stores just to see if butchers are preparing their orders from desired meat parts, infront of them. Whereas, at Noshahi Halal we understand your concerns about meat freshness and quality, we therefore, assure freshness and will provide the best quality custom cut halal meat of your choice from your favourite meat part. Simply provide us with your instructions and leave rest on our team

Following meetings and conversations with local establishments that work with those in the halal meat industry they quickly realised that much of the meat being sold to the Muslim population in the UK was sub-standard. Not only is much of the meat not even halal, but a lot of it is from poor quality animals that have been treated unjustly.
They passionately believe that “you are what you eat” and that it is high time Muslims returned to eating meat that is pure, natural, organic, slaughtered correctly and above all from animals that have been treated with compassion.
What does this mean for you?   In short, when you buy our meat you get the peace of mind that you are eating nutritious, genuine halal meat that has been naturally reared and is pure in every way.