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Alma Austrian Smoked Cheese 454g

Alma Austrian Smoked Cheese 454g
Alma Austrian Smoked Cheese 454g
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Alma Austrian Smoked Cheese 454g - halal food online

Use it in every dish to enhance flavor and add extra taste. Grilled cheese sandwich is the most common snack. Additionally, various types of cheese are used in making pizza. Moreover, it is smoked, that's even better. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Indian grocery online UK with next day delivery


Time, temperature, a variety of friendly bacteria, and enzymes determine the flavor and texture of each type of cheese.

  • Pasteurized, Ultra Pasteurized Milk (UP) or Ultra High Temperature (UHT), Homogenized, Cream-Line, Cream, Dry Milk Powder, Non-Dairy.

Net weight: 454g

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