Food is an unquestionable requirement and fundamental for every single human as it fulfills human yearning desire each day. Food is constantly shared among African people groups and individuals that eat together. Generally the greater part of African cooking styles utilizes a mix of locally produced cereal grains, accessible foods like fruits and vegetables and in addition meat and milk items. The traditional eating regimen in a few sections of the Africa includes a prevalence of curd, fresh and healthy vegetables and whey and milk items. The most broadly devoured oats in Africa are rice, sorghum and millet. Concerning the landmass rice isn't sufficient and 39% of need is met through rice imports. Sorghum and millet are both generally consumed and the scientists are focusing on enhancing the nutritious quality and edibility of sorghum. World's 40% millet supply is done by Arica. In a lot of Tropical Africa regions, milk of cows can't be produced locally in light of the fact that it is uncommon. A ton of contrasts occurs in the drinking and dietary patterns all through the Africa's numerous populations be it the Horn of Africa, North Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, West Africa and Southern Africa as each have their own particular preparation methods, unique dishes and utilization methods. The most famous African dishes are: ❖ Pap en vleis/Shisa nyama ❖ Piri piri chicken ❖ Jollof rice and egusi soup ❖ Bunny chow ❖ Kapenta with sadza ❖ Chambo with nsima ❖ Namibian venison ❖ Muamba de Galinha ❖ Cape breyani, ❖ Koshari African food is usually slow cooked to bring out the best flavors.